How We Use Producter's Documentation Module

In Producter, documentation is an essential component for every team. With only one documentation, Producter took its first steps. It all started with just a few words written down on paper for many products that have become indispensable in our lives.

4 days ago

Achieve Product Success in a Fast-Growing Market

Being a product leader requires enormous efforts and being in tune with the market and customer needs. For that reason, product leaders are the ones who guide the company's strategy. What should product leaders do to stay successful in a fast-growing market?

5 days ago

How to Create a Customer Feedback Strategy

Managing customer feedback can be challenging. It is one of the most important responsibilities of a product manager. Using a solid feedback management strategy will help you improve customer satisfaction, reduce churn, increase revenue and most importantly, create customer loyalty.

6 days ago

ProdMinds #9 — Shyvee Shi

A key to master the art of being compelling as a PM is to focus on both the “substance” of your argument and the “style” of the argument, particularly as it relates to the target audience and key stakeholders we are trying to convince.

10 days ago

Level 2 Unlocked: Public Beta

We published the first version of Producter shortly after quitting our full-time jobs. We had our first closed beta user create the workspace last year at these times.

11 days ago

5 Ways to Avoid Feature Bloat

See a need, fill a need. That’s how product managers roll. You want your product to solve more problems. You keep adding new features your users are asking for. You end up with too many features.

18 days ago

ProdMinds #8 — Ankit Goswami

Instead of “work fast and break stuff” you should work fast and learn quickly. What this means is that you have to understand problems you think you will be able to solve

19 days ago

Producter Glossary: Community

Communities are an essential element in supporting product growth. Communities provide some services to customers, albeit in a limited capacity, to reach a wider audience and expand features. (rules set by communities)

a month ago

ProdMinds #6 — Joaquim Costa

I’m a Portuguese entrepreneur and a global citizen, currently based in the south of Portugal. I’m the type of person that enjoys moving fast, launching when 75% done and making adjustments on the fly.

2 months ago

ProdMinds #5 — Samuel Beek

When I started building software, I didn’t know that there were multiple roles in teams. It might sound funny now, but I was under the impression that everybody just combined everything.

2 months ago

Producter Glossary: Customer-Centricity

An organization’s life cycle should be built around the customer. A customer-centric approach begins with determining what clients need and how they want to interact with your company.

2 months ago

Top 10 Product Management Podcasts

Guy Raz dives into the stories behind some of the world’s best-known companies. How I Built This weaves a narrative journey about innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists — and the movements they built.

3 months ago

Our Team Rituals at Producter

Connection is the cornerstone of team culture. Although we are a remote-first team and love it, it might feel isolated without in-person interactions.

3 months ago

Behind the Scenes: Product Decisions

Every product goes through natural stages before development. For a product to become successful, it’s important to have all the right pieces in place. That’s why product managers rely on mapping out the various product development stages to obtain greater insight into the next steps.

3 months ago

ProdMinds #3 — Lena Sesardic

Like most product managers, I fell into the wild world of product management by accident. After studying Economics at university, I worked in customer service and operations at a small startup for a few years where I ended up doing some data analysis projects for the CEO.

3 months ago

ProdMinds #2 — Kristof Van den Eede

Hello, I studied New Media and Communication Technologies at Howest in Belgium, a program with a solid mix between programming, networking, video, and web development. That landed me a job as a front-end developer at a big media company.

4 months ago

Producter Glossary: Agile Framework

Agile is a work management approach based on iteration. The value of Agile is that it helps unpredictability, continuous improvement, fast responses to change, and satisfy customers.

4 months ago

ProdMinds #1 — Maarten Dalmijn

Hello. My path into Product Management is unusual. I have no background in tech or business at all. I studied Biology and obtained an engineering degree in Functional Genomics at the Technical University of Delft.

4 months ago

Product Documentation Tree Framework

Product documentation is essential to help users navigate through your product. Many teams consider documentation a necessary evil, something that needs to be written if you have to.

4 months ago

20 Product Communities to Join

Producter is a product management tool designed to become customer-driven. Producter Slack community is for professionals in the product space. It’s a great place to meet other product people and gain insights from them and learn more about product-led growth, product management, and more

4 months ago

Producter Glossary: Feature Request

A feature request is a suggestion, message, or request from a user regarding a particular feature that your organization wishes to implement. Feature requests can be used to decide how to iterate on an existing product.

4 months ago

7 Trends that Will Shape Product Management in 2022

The field of product management is always changing — and the next few years are shaping up to be an exciting time for product management. As the industry continues to grow, companies need insight into what is going to happen next.

4 months ago

Producter Glossary: Documentation

Documentation is a source of information. It can be written for any purpose. Tech teams tend to use documentation to explain their code. It can also be written for API and SDK guidelines.

5 months ago

Top Product Management Conferences in 2022

Leading the Product event was started by Product Managers for product managers to share their passion for creating and managing great products and services. Leading the Product is an event you can’t miss if you work in or around a product.

5 months ago

Producter Glossary: Persona

Personas are used to help a product manager (or product developers) understand the characteristics, behaviors, goals, and responsibilities of a particular segment of users. We can say that persona is actually an analysis process.

5 months ago

Producter Glossary: Prioritization

Prioritization is the process of evaluating ideas and working carefully to increase their value and ensure efficient resource utilization. Every product manager needs to be capable of prioritizing.

5 months ago

Crafting Valuable Release Notes

Release notes enable product managers to broadcast information to users, outside of the confines of the product’s innate user experience flows. That makes release notes particularly invaluable for product managers, especially for those who seek adoption of their product.

7 months ago

Producter Glossary: Minimum Viable Product

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is just what it sounds like. Introducing a new product to the market with minimal features but enough to catch consumer attention is called Minimum Viable Product or MVP.

7 months ago

Producter: Finding a SaaS Idea by Using Ikigai

As a previous freelance product designer, I had the opportunity to work with at least 10 product teams. They all had their own methods of doing things due to their unique cultures. This presented the truth and the problems with different patterns in the product management vertical.

7 months ago

Producter Glossary: Backlog

A backlog is a list of tasks needed to execute a more extensive strategic plan. A product development context includes a prioritized list of items.

8 months ago

Why is design so critical for product-led companies?

Before Producter, I worked for over 10 products. I designed many of them from scratch. Reviewing a new product every day has created my design perspective. Analyzing a product’s design system and values helps me to understand its strategy and purpose.

8 months ago

Producter Glossary: Product Feedback

Customers provide feedback regarding their experiences with a product or service. In addition to revealing their satisfaction level, it helps product, customer success, and marketing teams identify opportunities to improve.

8 months ago

10 Effective Methods to Prioritize

A PM would have hundreds of various ideas for adding new features to their product if asked. Many PMs find it challenging to decide what to build next as users flood in with ideas and feature requests. We’ve listed 10 practical prioritization techniques for you to master as a product manager.

9 months ago

Producter Glossary: Changelog

A changelog is a chronologically ordered list of all notable changes for each release or version. Having a structured and consistent changelog makes it simpler for users and contributors to understand exactly what changes have been made between releases.

9 months ago

Producter Glossary: Sprint

Sprints are usually completed within one to four weeks in the scrum. This time-box focuses on building and testing clearly defined sets of functionality, leading to a shippable work increment.

10 months ago

5 Tools Product People Need

Modern tools can help quantify, objectify, segregate and delegate tasks properly and proportionately. In the early stages of building a startup, it can be difficult to determine which tools are essential, useful, and not worth your time.

a year ago

Producter Glossary: Product

Product is a collection of core business features that deliver the complete product experience to a defined set of market segments. Software and data can make up an entire product.

a year ago

Producter Glossary: Stakeholder

Stakeholders are groups of people who participate in the product development process on different levels. They can be in technical or non-technical teams or outside the company. In any case, the stakeholders usually play a primary role in the success of a product either directly or indirectly.

a year ago

Producter Glossary: Product Vision

A product vision outlines the overall long-term goal of your product. Basically, it communicates why the product exists and what the desired end state of the product is in the future.

a year ago

What Does Product Management Mean For Producters?

The north star of a digital product company is product management and vision. You always know where and how they should be. It should shine the brightest so that you can see it. Seeing it clearly will help you to stay on your path, always.

a year ago