5 Tools Product People Need

Modern tools can help quantify, objectify, segregate and delegate tasks properly and proportionately. In the early stages of building a startup, it can be difficult to determine which tools are essential, useful, and not worth your time.

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Samet Ozkale
Tools Product People Need by Producter

Modern tools can help quantify, objectify, segregate and delegate tasks properly and proportionately. In the early stages of building a startup, it can be difficult to determine which tools are essential, useful, and not worth your time.

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To that end, we wanted to share which products we took strength from while building Producter.

MailerLite 📩

5 Tools Product People Need

With MailerLite, anyone can create and run professional-looking email marketing campaigns. Using their drag-and-drop editors and templates, you can easily create newsletters, websites, landing pages, pop-ups, and more using their drag-and-drop editors and templates.

It’s all done without coding. You can automate email flows, conduct surveys, A/B tests, and segment your audience to grow your business.

Ever since we met with the Mailerlite team, the customer support team has helped us as a real problem solver. Every time we contacted different team members, we received the same level of superb service and support.

Heap 🧭

5 Tools Product People Need

Heap assists Product Managers in understanding their users, making data-driven decisions, and creating delightful digital experiences, all with comprehensive data collection and structured processes. Analyzing data retroactively and codeless gives you more granularity and access to it.

Any non-technical user can gather insights, generate hypotheses, and measure impacts without developer help. The flexibility of Virtual Events allows analytics to be detached from code. Heap offers a comprehensive customer data set with its Autocapture and Virtual Events.

Userguiding 🔦

5 Tools Product People Need

Users can create interactive product tours using UserGuiding without coding. Users find it easy to work with, and it primarily caters to three prominent use cases: onboarding new users, promoting new features, and onboarding new employees.

This increases the adoption of a new product and decreases the time for users to adapt to it. There is extensive analytics built into the tool to monitor the performance of guides and tours. UserGuiding allows creators to preview the final version of the product tour before it is published.

Also, the Userguiding team is one of our favorite teams. They are very committed to the give-back culture and do not hesitate to share.

Hotjar 🔥

5 Tools Product People Need

Hotjar offers a wide range of tools to assist businesses in better understanding visitor behavior, such as heatmaps, visitor recordings, conversion funnels, feedback, surveys, and more. Through clicking, tapping, and scrolling behavior, which are often deemed the most powerful indicators of visitor motivation and desire, heatmaps help users see what their customers care about and do on their websites.

With conversion funnels, you can figure out which aspects of your marketing strategy are working. In addition to providing detailed page-by-page data, Hotjar presents it visually, more simply, and intuitively. Finally, Hotjar enables organizations like Producter to recruit online test visitors for user research and testing.


5 Tools Product People Need

Producter is an all-in-one product management tool to collect customer feedback, manage tasks, track roadmap, and share updates for product companies.

We provide a shared place for tech and non-tech teams to make product management more visible. As working habits changed during the pandemic, product teams became scattered. Back-to-back alignment meetings with customer-facing teams, slack notifications, and endless follow-ups consume a lot of time and energy. Producter both helps product and customer-facing teams to make informed decisions backed by customer feedback.

What are the features of Producter?

  1. Feedback Management: Put all feedback you collected in email, Slack, or any other tool together. Go through them all at once. Build features the market really wants with Producter. With just one click you can link high-value customer feedback with tasks. So Producter informs your customers on their feedback status. Your customers will know that their feedback is taken care of by the automated notifications from Producter.
  2. Feedback Widget: Embed the widget to your product or website to collect insight from your customers.
  3. Task Management: Streamline your task management process and track tasks, sprints, and bugs with an easy-to-use and fast interface.
  4. Roadmap: All teams can create their roadmap and make them visible to other teammates, and customers to rally everyone around the product vision.
  5. Changelog (Updates): Auto-create product update content using epic/task titles and share it with your teammates and customers on the changelog.
  6. User Portal: Create a public or private user portal to collect feedback, communicate your roadmap and updates with your customers.

Thank you for reading our article on some product growth tools for startup founders. Throughout our journey, these tools helped us make the most efficient use of time and energy. We hope they do the same for you.

Producter is a product management tool designed to become customer-driven.

It helps you collect feedback, manage tasks, sharing product updates, creating product docs, and tracking roadmap.

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