How to Get Prepared for a Product Hunt Launch?

Launching on Product Hunt — it’s an important milestone in the journey of many startups. Startups aim to be #1 by launching their products to PH.

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Ferhan Gül
How to Get Prepared for a Product Hunt Launch?

Launching on Product Hunt — it’s an important milestone in the journey of many startups. Startups aim to be #1 by launching their products to PH. Because there are many individuals that understand the product there, being the 1st in PH is a tremendous interaction for startups. ow how to prepare before the launch to PH? Let's look more closely.

What is Product Hunt?

Product Hunt is a startup promotion platform where entrepreneurs and makers can promote their products and find early adopters. Newly added products are voted by members every day, and the most popular products are at the top. Entrepreneurs make some preparations to be at the top before putting their products on the Product Hunt.

Let's liken these preparations to the slingshot tire and put the product on the slingshot tire and stretch the tire. On Product Hunt launch day, let's flex this tire as much as possible and try to throw the product as far as possible.

Now,  "What are the steps to stretch this tire?" let's see 👀

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We have listed the substances that will stretch the slingshot tire in 6 items. These items will help make your product #1.

Community List

Before the Product Hunt Launch, create a community list that includes the customer segment. Share the PH Launch event to those communities during the launch. Thanks to these shares, the interaction with your product will increase.

Hunter interaction

🔎 Hunter is anyone who posts a product. Hunting is the same as posting.

List and interact with Hunters who have launched on PH in the past and have achieved high upvotes. Ask Hunters you contacted when the product was launched to share your product. These shares increase the trust in your product. Hunters you do not know may not want to share their product with entrepreneurs who have not interacted with them before during the Launch. Therefore, do not forget to communicate with the Hunters before the Launch.

PH community

List the administrators of the PH community before the launch, engage with them on Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook, and solicit their support. If there is no interaction until the launch day, they may not allow sharing in communities. It is crucial to get in touch with community administrators before launching because of this.

Clear and easy-to-read text

It is very important that the texts on the product page are clear and easy to read. Before a product launches, writing much information about it risks boring the reader. Instead, drawing the consumer to the product while promoting your offering requires writing as simply and fluidly as feasible.

How to Get Prepared for Product Hunt Launch?

Keep active

Put the link of your product in your profile and upvote all the products that are launched in Product Hunt until you launch your own product and make short comments. Thanks to this interaction, other product owners will also have the opportunity to review your product. With this interaction, you will see that different doors will be opened for you.

Influencer interaction

Make a list of people known in the startup vertical, who have competence in product and growth in your country and globally. These people are not influencers with high followers like 100k, but rather like influencers with 20k-30k-40k followers, having lots of followers and interaction makes it easier for you to communicate with them and get their support before and during the launch.

To sum up,

Communicating with community admins before launch is very important in Product Hunt. Because the number of people in your customer segment in communities is very high. Sharing your product with people who have launched a product in Product Hunt and reached high upvote numbers during the launch is an important way to gain the trust of the customer. Staying active in the Product Hunt until the launch is over is one way to stretch the rubber of the sling considerably. Finally, pay attention to the fact that the text should be as plain and easy to read as possible when giving information about the product.

Product Hunt is an important platform for startups that are in the early adopter stage. Being the 1st on this platform will increase your product's global recognition tremendously and a number of opportunities will be opened. Good luck to everyone during the Product Hunt Launch 🎉

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