My First Four Months as a Producter

In February, I began working at Producter as a Product Management Intern. As I have been learning and experiencing along the way, I would like to share them with you.

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Eren Gündüz
My First Four Months as a Producter

In February, I began working at Producter as a Product Management Intern. As I have been learning and experiencing along the way, I would like to share them with you.

Let me start by saying that people hesitant to message someone, like I was back then, about applying for a job or getting job advice shouldn’t hesitate. That’s what got me where I am now, and it’s what will lead me to where I want to be in the future if I keep doing that.

Since the day I started Producter, the subject that I have improved the most is communication. No doubt about it. Since my early days, I’ve come a long way. At first, it was difficult for me to express myself, but I am now much more comfortable. Social skills are the most important thing a product person should pay attention to. Developing these skills will enable you to achieve success in any field.

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February — March: The Content Blitz

The first two months were focused on growth. We created several pieces of content to expand our e-mail list. The first two months were not spent actively developing products. Still, I gained experience in areas directly related to the product, such as testing the existing product, creating a product flow map, and creating buyer personas.

Aside from that, I delivered a presentation during our knowledge-sharing that we do regularly once every 2 weeks. I shared the principles of UX design with my teammates. Finally, we played an eye-opening game about laws. Example

My First Four Months as a Producter
Producter Team

April: First Steps Towards Thinking as a Leader

A top memory for me is the sessions where we created the product roadmap in April. We prioritized future modules, features, and a few bugs in this session as the Product team.

Throughout the Roadmap session, I constantly thought about what features were most important to the user and which will provide the best experience for the user.

Afterward, I realized that we were running a business, and we needed to balance the financial side as well (thanks to Samet and Merve), and I learned to think strategically.

Strategic thinking is one of the most important qualities a leader should have. While prioritizing, we should consider and give importance to the features that will increase the purchase action of the user, as well as a perfect flow.

May: The Numbers Say Most Things but Not Everything

In May, my main focus was to start thinking more about product and growth analytics. When it comes to evaluating progress, metrics count the most.

Metabase and Heap queries can help us view this, but since these dashboards are not properly organized, I took it upon myself to do so. (actually, it didn’t happen intentionally. Whenever I sit at the computer, I find myself browsing the Metabase and Heap 😂).

My first step was to create a new dashboard in Metabase and share the link with the team. Creating a dashboard that everyone would check every day was my goal.

As a first step, I created a weekly active users (WAU) metric. Based on the weekly active users, I have defined them as users that have logged into their workspace more than once (for now). However, this entry must have happened on a different day (I am checking manually because I can’t set it😂).

I also added a query that tracks the users who are given demos and can become champions by speaking with Rifat from our Product-Led Sales Team.

There were too many inactive definitions and reports on Heap, so I started by renewing them. I then created a sign-up dashboard and began to monitor and analyze it by creating metrics on the dashboard that show which users completed which steps, at what rates, and for how long.

Extra: First Recruiting Product Intern in History

As well as these, we were looking for a backend developer in April and May. We set up a hiring channel in Slack and shared the quality candidates we found within it. In addition, we shared our job postings with the names that everyone approved.

Those are some things I could not write about in detail above, but I did in 4 months:

Thank you for reading.

My First Four Months as a Producter

You can reach out to me anytime.

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