New Milestone: We’ve Raised Our $300K Pre-Seed Round

At Producter, we’re going beyond building a project management tool. We’re building a product management tool to help teams make the right decisions every day.

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Samet Ozkale, Merve Cankiz Coruh,

Producter | The product management tool designed to become customer-driven

At Producter, we’re going beyond building a project management tool. We’re building a product management tool to help teams make the right decisions every day.

We’re building the glue bringing all teams together to pursue a shared product success. We’re helping teams build what’s valuable for their users. And most importantly, we uniquely design Producter to help teams become customer-driven.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve raised a $300K pre-seed round. Thank you, Bogazici Ventures and HiVC, for believing in us from the beginning.

This is a significant milestone, and we’re excited to begin Producter’s new chapter.

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How did it all start?

As founders, we were two strangers having bold dreams of the same mindset when we first met. Two strangers said the same thing to the CEO during the job interview process: “Just to let you know, I’ll stay here for a year. Then I’ll quit and start my own business.” Without knowing one another.

And, we quit our full-time jobs after precisely one year and started Producter together..

The drive to solve the challenges in the product management process brought us together.

We started Producter because:

  • The product management process is extremely scattered and invisible to all teams. Though all teams strive for product success, they become so isolated in the various tools that they lose sight of the big picture.
  • Users are left in the dark. They often don’t know what will happen to their feedback or ideas when they share. Product teams trying to become customer-driven with not really customer-driven tools get stuck with the process. In most cases, they get burned out by manual communications or do not collect user feedback anymore.
  • Product managers make critical decisions all the time. It is nearly impossible to base these decisions on insights from both users and internal stakeholders. That’s how products fail, and enormous development resources are wasted by building the wrong features.

We hit the road to solving these problems — making Producter a go-to place for teams to make the right product decisions, achieve shared goals, and be customer-driven.

What’s next?

It was a rough road bootstrapping Producter. We are grateful for the product people from 130+ countries showing interest, 3000+ product people signed up to our waitlist, companies using Producter every day… They mean the world to us!

Now, the support from our investors marks a new milestone for us that lets us expand even further. We’re super excited to introduce Producter to the whole world.

We’ll expand our team (join us), listen to our users’ voices, bring new features to life faster. And, we’ll help teams build customer-driven product management processes without friction.

Now, it’s time to bring our boldest dreams to life.

Producter is a product management tool designed to become customer-driven.

It helps you collect feedback, manage tasks, sharing product updates, creating product docs, and tracking roadmap.

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