Producter Features Vol 1.0

Producter both helps product and customer-facing teams to make informed decisions backed by customer feedback.

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Samet Ozkale

Producter is an all-in-one product management tool to collect customer feedback, manage tasks, track roadmap, and share updates for product companies.

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Make Bulk Changes with Quick Action Menu

Producter Features Vol 1.0
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Product companies have several feedback channels, and this ends up losing control of insight flowing out. We’ve built the quick action menu to help you take control of hundreds of feedback at once.

When you click on feedback, we bring up the quick action menu to make rapid changes in bulk, such as archiving, tagging, or assigning a priority to any feedback group.

Add Feedback to Your Favorites List

Producter Features Vol 1.0
See Our Feedback Management Module

Now you can add feedback you don’t want to miss out to your favorites list. Go to your feedback list and star the critical feedback you need to take action.

The starred feedback will be listed separately on the Favorites tab to help you focus more on the important feedback.

Powerful API to Modify the Feedback Widget

Producter Features Vol 1.0
See How to Use the Widget API

The feedback widget is being used more and more every day. We are glad that you have provided us with various ideas on how to improve it. This is why we built a robust API to allow you to modify the feedback widget.

You can also use our APIs to override the style or text. If you’d like to use the feedback widget in your local language, this is the easiest solution for now. Here you can take a look at our guide on how to leverage the API 🚀

Build the right features with customer feedback

Producter Features Vol 1.0
See Our User Portal

Building the right features starts with knowing what to build next and what your customers really need.

The user portal provides your customers a place to share their feedback and ideas.

Invite your teammates to help them share feedback

Producter Features Vol 1.0
See Our Feedback Management Module

Invite your teammates to create their feedback, and don’t let any feedback slip through the cracks.

Integrate with Slack and to stay up-to-date

Producter Features Vol 1.0

Integrate Producter with the Slack channel you want so you and your team receive instant notifications when new is created.

Collect with the feedback widget

Producter Features Vol 1.0
Try Widget Now

Embed the widget in seconds and collect feedback from your product and website.

Stay on Top of Your Feedback

Producter Features Vol 1.0

If any of your team members make changes to your you’ll stay informed by in-app notifications as well.

Prioritize tasks and manage sprints with your team

Producter Features Vol 1.0
See Our Task Management Module

You can manage what to build next on Producter as well. Prioritize the most impactful tasks and run sprints with your team.

We provide a shared place for tech and non-tech teams to make product management more visible. As working habits changed during the pandemic, product teams became scattered.

Back-to-back alignment meetings with customer-facing teams, slack notifications, and endless follow-ups consume a lot of time and energy.

Producter both helps product and customer-facing teams to make informed decisions backed by customer feedback.

We love sharing our product and growth journey with our community 💙

If you’re interested, feel free to check out deets from our previous product updates on our changelog 👇

Producter is a product management tool designed to become customer-driven.

It helps you collect feedback, manage tasks, sharing product updates, creating product docs, and tracking roadmap.

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