We are Pivoting Producter. What's Next?

We started Producter not just to build the best all-in-one product management software but also to introduce a new way of doing things — a unique concept.

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Merve Cankiz Coruh
Producter is pivoting to Roadmape - A Roadmapping Software

The Concept of Producter

We started Producter not just to build the best all-in-one product management software but also to introduce a new way of doing things — a unique concept.

We built Producter to bring customer perspective into product management, from a tiny idea to publishing a new product update.

Now, Producter has five fundamental modules: Documentation, Feedback Management, Task Management, Changelog, and User Portal. In every step, you can find customer-centricity that brings different perspectives into the game.

That's precisely how we approach product management.

As we built Producter, we always included our users in our product management process. Producter was designed to help our customers do the same. We enjoyed every minute of it!

We want to thank our users and community of amazing product folks who have been extremely helpful along the way.

We couldn't have done so much without your support 💙

From the team Retreat'23 - when we decided to pivot

What happens to Producter?

We will stop focusing on Producter. This does not mean that we are closing Producter. You can continue to use it today and tomorrow, just like yesterday. So you won't need to change anything in your workflow.

The only difference is we will not be developing new features. We'll only maintain Producter and help you if there is a need. Just let us know if you find a bug or need our help.

Currently, we are in talks with companies interested in acquiring Producter.

If you are interested in acquiring Producter, you can contact us at info@producter.co. No matter what, we'll make sure there's no impact on you, our users.

Products Compete, Markets Win

Our journey at Producter has been filled with ups and downs.

In such a short time, we've built a product management software with a unique design and user experience.

We've grown into an excellent team of 10. Furthermore, we were supported from the start by excellent investors.

Although we carved out a great place in the competition as an all-in-one product management software, there was something we kept hearing both from our existing and potential users... The struggle with product strategy and roadmapping.

As a team advocating for customer-centricity, we did not choose to bury our heads under the sand.

It is always our belief that products compete and markets win.

The Untold Story Behind Pivots

Most pivot stories are untold.

As we always shared our experience along the way, we wanted to share this milestone with you transparently.

When things go well, it might get easier to ignore user feedback. We never wanted to do that.

Instead, we started talking with our users more often to identify their pain points. Understand what's the hair-on-fire problem.

We knew our new mission had begun when we found our approach to roadmapping, just like with Producter.

Passion for Product Roadmapping

Every time we had a call with one of our users or potential customers, we observed pain points derived from roadmapping. Despite having some solutions in the market, the problem was not being solved.

Something must be missing. In fact, that triggered our inner Sherlock Holmes.

We talked and surveyed lots of product leaders. We saw that each team has its way of doing things, and it's a hard problem to solve.

Building roadmaps was like that tricky puzzle piece you just can't place. We felt that challenge, too, and decided it was time to step up.

As more product people share their pain with us, our passion for resolving it also grew.

It was this passion that motivated us to take roadmapping to a whole new level.

Mission: Change How Teams Approach Roadmapping

When it comes to roadmapping, there is a lot of noise out there.

Some see it merely as a feature list, others as a plan for product strategy, while for some, it's a timeline with features and deadlines.. And, the list goes on and on.

But imagine it as clay - flexible and waiting for the artist's touch. You're that artist equipped with the vision and creativity to mold it. We provide you with the purest, most adaptable clay, setting the stage for your masterpiece.

How your roadmap looks is a reflection of your unique process. Yet, it's critical that strategy and execution move in sync, guiding each other.

We're on a mission to build a product roadmapping software where product teams make the right product decisions with complete visibility on execution and strategy.

If you also struggle with product roadmapping, join us on our new road trip: https://roadmape.com

Watch the pivot story video from our founders 🎬

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