Learnings about Product Development Strategy in 2022

Producter offers information acquisition with many departments in a method that is much faster than you might expect, giving the Global Startup ecosystem a complete sense. If we gather this data under the following broad headings: Community, Business, Growth, Marketing, SEO, and Team Communication.

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Ferhan Gül
Learnings about Product Development Strategy in 2022

What did I learn as Ferhan Gül in the product team while I lived life to the fullest at Producter in 2022? Let's examine them.

Producter offers information acquisition with many departments in a method that is much faster than you might expect, giving the Global Startup ecosystem a complete sense. If we gather this data under the following broad headings: Community, Business, Growth, Marketing, SEO, and Team Communication.


The topic of growth that I had heard about in previous years, but saw differently in 2022

Growth is a strategy that helps businesses expand more quickly. It is essential to have some metrics to measure the company's growth.

In B2B businesses, growth is the best strategy to reach users as quickly as possible. I discovered how crucial it is to advance Growth using the appropriate measurements and strategies.

Growth ideas are filtered by metrics. These filters enable ideas that develop more quickly and with less effort to emerge. The product grows quickly and gains time in this way.

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Growth Success Metrics are equally as essential as Growth Metrics in terms of importance. The success metrics of each growth idea should be established before they are added to the roadmap, and a roadmap should be created in accordance with those success measures. This serves as a team motivator and provides an answer to the question of whether the growth idea will succeed or fail.

If there is anything more crucial to accelerating a product's growth, it is increase the personal growth. A product fails when it can no longer pivot, however one can make alternative goods by reassembling various ideas. One of the most crucial lessons 2022 has taught me is to prioritize my own growth in addition to investing in the development of a product.


Product managers (companies) can create as many features and changelogs as they like, but if they don't solve a problem for a potential consumer, they are useless 🚮 Analysis is one of the best methods for discovering characteristics that will address the needs of the client. I mostly employes the following analysis methodologies while identifying the elements that should be included in the product:

Market Analysis: It's a method of analysis I employ when I look at the market and rivals for a product. Using this study, I discovered which market the product targets, how it compares to its rivals' offerings, and how it plans to break into the market.

I research and gather information from rival companies before building a product. How do we make the product superior to the competition? I answered this question by examining the data I get and keeping the user experience in the forefront.

Customer Analysis: It's the method of analysis I employ when I look at a product's target market and their requirements. I made an effort to comprehend the kind of clients the product appeals to, as well as their requirements and expectations, in this analysis.

Business analysis: Bir ürünün işletmeyi nasıl etkileyeceğini incelerken kullandığım analiz türüdür. Bu analiz, ürünün üretim maliyetlerini, satış fiyatını ve kar marjını belirlerken kullandım.

Technological analysis: I employ this form of analysis when looking at a product's technological components. I used this study to determine the product's technological features and how beneficial they are to buyers.

Business model analysis: I conduct this kind of analysis when looking at a product's business models. I gained experience how the product would be constructed, distributed, and advertised using this technique.

I used data from many technologies to carry out this entire investigation. I've utilized a variety of tools, including Metabase, Heap, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, HubSpot, Slack Analytics, etc.

3-Business Startegy

A function that has to do with a product's creation, management, marketing, and design. A business plan should be devised for product management to be the product's success assurance.

I utilized it to make sure the product met its objectives and to pinpoint the characteristics that differentiate the company from its rivals. I researched the market, competitors, and customers for the product in order to develop the business plan for product management. I carried out the entire procedure while keeping in mind business considerations including the product's production costs, the selling price, and the profit margin.

I discovered that the product's success is guaranteed and that it accomplishes its objectives more quickly as a result.


Community was the topic I read the most about in 2022.

It is challenging to build a community from zero or to expand an existing one, and it is extremely challenging to boost community activity.

It takes time and effort to attract new users to the community and establish conversation between users. For roughly 4 months in 2022, I spent most of my time working to increase community activity and attract new members to our Producter Slack Community with minimal effort. With the appropriate method, we attracted users to our Community, but this was only the beginning. My biggest issue was to get more users to activity.

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5-Communication between teams

The most crucial lesson I believe 2022 has taught me is the need of team communication. because effective team communication is crucial. This guarantees that the product may be developed successfully, with proper communication and information sharing between all team members.

During the creation, production, and marketing of goods, information is shared across teams in a process known as team-to-team communication. The development team might provide information about the product's specifications, while the design team might share information regarding the product's aesthetic. The marketing team can also exchange knowledge regarding the promotion of the product.

All team members must communicate effectively and clearly for team-to-team communication to be successful. It's crucial that everyone on the team respects and pays attention to one another. The effectiveness of team-to-team communication and the effectiveness of the product development process will both increase if all team members respect and listen to one another.

Additionally, correct and up-to-date information must be shared across all team members for effective inter-team communication. As a result, it is crucial for all team members to continuously communicate and update knowledge. For instance, the development team must understand the technical requirements to implement a change in the product's appearance that the design team makes.


I already had a general understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but I made an effort to learn more about it in depth in the latter months of 2022. Through my research, I discovered that most of the information we hear about SEO is false.

Although SEO is described as a collection of tactics intended to help search engines comprehend a website and make it appear higher on search results pages, SEO is essentially a method of naturally luring the target client segment to your website.

I have discovered that extract content and products reach potential clients more quickly when SEO and growth are combined.

To Sum Up;

I discovered that selecting success measures confirms growth ideas when filtering growth metrics and growth ideas before sending them to the roadmap. I learned the importance of personal growth and how to do it effectively. I discovered that analysis, a crucial component of product management, is a useful tool for identifying features that will help customers, and I gained experience by looking for methods to make goods more functional. I learned about the things businesses do to be profitable, grow, and develop a sustainable business model using business strategy. A business's customers and supporters build a community and I've learned to engage with them and consider their perspectives. I've done extensive research on how to do SEO because I've learned that it makes it quick and simple for target customers to find the product by boosting its ranking in search results. Communication between teams is one of the most crucial aspects of product management because it enables information to spread more quickly, activities to be coordinated, and progress toward a single objective.

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