How to Handle Too Much Feedback?

Many organizations ask for customer feedback from many channels. These include your website, the product you offer, an email campaign, or other methods.

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Merve Cankiz Coruh

Many organizations ask for customer feedback from many channels. These include your website, the product you offer, an email campaign, or other methods.

No matter what kind of feedback customers provide to a company, they all have two core objectives:

  1. Easy to give feedback
  2. Feeling that their voice is heard

With increasing numbers of feedback, the second one becomes more challenging.

Unless you act on the feedback you collect, it's better not to collect at all. So what's really wrong? Getting people to give you feedback while making them feel like they're talking to a wall. There is so much feedback that it is nearly impossible to handle all of it.

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How to handle too much customer feedback

Having a central location

Customer feedback is valuable not just to a product team but to the company as a whole. The feedback can be useless if they are spread out all over the place. It wastes both the time of the customer and you.

The best way to manage customer feedback transparent and accessible to your entire company and customers is to organize it in one central place.


Let your external and internal stakeholders know the feedback you received and give them a chance to share their thoughts. Perhaps a customer or someone on the sales team has some insight on a piece of feedback that would make implementation easier.

Producter gives your stakeholders a dedicated place to share their feedback so you can better manage them all at once.


Categorizing customer feedback happens over time based on your needs. You find a pattern in feedback collected or define goals and match these with feedback for validation.

When the number of feedback provided increases every day, categorizing them becomes more important. That's why you should define how to categorize from the very beginning.

Otherwise, you won't be able to keep up with them. Eventually, they will get lost.

Producter will help you discover patterns in your feedback data as you have a central hub where you can act on the collected feedback. As you identify the pattern or the most important feedback group, you can segment and manage them on Producter.

Closing the loop automatically

As customer giving you feedback spends their valuable time, they want to be heard. Acting on the feedback is critical, even if it's negative or positive.

In most cases, not closing the feedback loop due to daily routines and challenges causes customer frustration. Something you do for your customers becomes their churn reason.

Producter reduces the burden of overcommunication. When you change the feedback status (i.e. when the feedback is done), Producter automatically notifies your customer. It will no longer be necessary for you to lose time or customers because you skipped updating them.

Producter is a product management tool designed to become customer-driven.

It helps you collect feedback, manage tasks, sharing product updates, creating product docs, and tracking roadmap.

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